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* IJSMI, International Journal of Services Management and Informatics – IJSMI *

Chief Editor:  Dr. Soundara Pandiyan



           International Journal of Services Management and Informatics is a platform to Business Administration, Manufacturers, Industrialists, Scientists, Researchers, Engineers, CEO’s and academicians to share their ideas,  contributions and developments that take place in the field of Business, Services Management, Engineering and Technology. IJSMI is a high-quality double-blind and multidisciplinary refereed journal in the field of above disciplines to publish their findings and keep abreast the readers to acquire latest development in the field of Services Management and Informatics. The aim of high performance service management is to optimize the service-intensive supply chains, which are usually more complex than the typical finished-goods supply chain. Informatics is  a broad academic field encompassing human-computer interaction, information sciences, information technology, algorithms, areas of mathematics (especially mathematical logic and category theory), and social sciences that are involved.  This journal, in fact, gaps the bridge between Service Management and Informatics and considered to be a much needed discipline in this regard.


             The objective of the IJSMI is to serve a better understanding between the community of researchers and practitioners from academia and industry. The objective of IJSMI is to help professionals working in the field, educators and policy makers to contribute, to disseminate information and to learn from each other's work. IJSMI is intended to serve as a forum for the communications of original research of advanced engineering, management paradigms for evolving advanced intelligent systems for scientific applications and business administration. 


              Paper submission with original contributions are invited which are aimed at finding solutions to the problems and challenges in field of Computer Applications, Information Technology, Business Administration and Management Sciences. Research areas like Computer Networks, Wireless Communications, Pervasive, Ad hoc and Sensor Networks, Broadband Wireless Technologies, Cloud and Grid Computing, Emerging Technologies for next generation networks, Information Security, Advanced Database Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks, Software Engineering, Distributed Computing and systems, Operation Research, Decision Theory, System Theory, Decision Support Systems, Statistics, Business Administration, Finance, Production, Human Resource, Marketing, Logistics, Supply chain Management, Technology Management, Health Care Management, Library Information System and Knowledge Management, etc.,  All submitted papers will be evaluated based on their originality and quality by the technical committee of reviewers. Papers that describe research and experimentation are encouraged. Detailed author instructions are available on


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